Healthy Low Fat Recipes for the Best Soup Maker


Regardless of whether you’re dieting or not, there’s nothing better than having soup in the winter. At a time when everyone is baking cakes and cookies for the holidays, you can be forgiven for being tempted to give up your diet for a little bit. However, one way to prevent this is by trying delicious, healthy and low fat soup recipes. Making these recipes isn’t usually too difficult either as normally, all I do is put the ingredients into the machine and I’m ready to go. I quite like the Morphy Richards 501014 soup machine but you can pick any other soup maker that suits you. 

Whenever I’m making soup, I try and use healthy recipes that will fill me up but won’t be overloaded with calories. I try to make low-calorie meals that taste great. I’m sure you’ve seen small tubs of healthy low-calorie soup available in supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s. These are quite cheap and I guess you can buy these and pop them in the microwave before serving. However, I personally like to make fresh soup myself by using high quality fresh ingredients. The thing is that you can never be too sure what’s been put into the soup packets in supermarkets. They usually have extra sugar added and lots of other processed ingredients. The very fact that they’re available to buy in packets puts me off and even if they have very few calories, this doesn’t mean they are healthy. These are the reasons that I use the Morphy Richards 501014 so much, as I consider it to be the best soup maker at the moment.

Healthy Low-Calorie Soup Maker Recipes

As you can get easily bored of trying the same recipes every time, I tend to try new soup recipes every week. If I like a particular recipe then I note it down and if in the mood, I usually try it again at some point. I’ve listed some of my favourite recipes below.

Creamy Corn Soup

This creamy corn soup tasted delicious and was prepared well in this soup maker.I know what you’re thinking but no, this creamy corn soup doesn’t contain any cream. I tend to replace it with low fat milk and increase the thickness with a potato. This usually improves the texture and gives it that creamy flavour and my goodness, does it taste great! The ingredients for this are as follows: fresh kernels of corn, which have been cut from the cob, garlic cloves and some scallions that have been chopped. I use olive oil and combine it with a russet potato, skimmed milk, a chicken/vegetable cube, fresh cilantro and if needed, a little bit of low fat sour cream. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I also add in a little bit of low fat cheese. Once the ingredients have been chopped into smaller pieces, I pop the ingredients in my soup maker and within half an hour, I usually have it ready to serve. I then add salt and pepper as the final addition before serving. Of course, you can change the recipe according to your own likes and dislikes but what you’ll eventually get is a creamy, delicious bowl of soup that doesn’t have many calories.

Potato Leek Soup

This is an easy-to-make recipe for potato leek soup.In case you haven’t realised it by now, I absolutely love potatoes and almost always have them in my soup even if they aren’t the healthiest of ingredients due to the starch. Like the creamy corn soup, the texture of this soup also comes out quite creamy and almost velvety. I would say that this is probably the easiest soup to make but tastes like a pro made it. You need to get a few leeks and remove the stems. Following this, you’ll need to chop half an onion and cut two russet potatoes into small pieces. Next, you need to add in a tiny bit of flour and butter. I also add in quite a bit of vegetable broth into the mix. The final steps involve the addition of skimmed milk along with salt and some fresh pepper. Once you’ve added all of these into the soup maker, you can be sure that you’re about to taste one of the tastiest yet healthiest soups around.

These are just two recipes I’ve tried this week. With a little bit of effort, I’m sure you can find lots more of these delicious yet healthy soup maker recipes. They’re easy and very quick to make but at the same time are healthy as long as you use as many fresh and low-fat ingredients as possible.

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