Walking – The Simplest Exercise If There Ever Was

Whether it is to lose weight or just have a healthier lifestyle, serious fitness enthusiasts often assume that the fancier an exercise is, the more effective it will be. To be honest, the complicated exercises do tend to target hard-to-touch parts of the body. However, we’re all aware of the compound exercises that work the entire body at the same time. In this case, there’s one form of exercise that always goes unnoticed. To be fair, it’s probably the most underrated exercise ever and that’s walking. All you do is put one foot in front of the other and do the same with the other foot. Then you repeat this movement over and over again.

On top of improved fitness levels, there are many other benefits of walking regularly. It offers better control over your blood pressure, improves the health of your heart and some people also get some relief from stress and get better sleep at night. If you’re not a fan of the intensity then you could raise this intensity and walk faster. The highest intensity of walking will be challenging regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro.

A little while ago, I mentioned compound exercises. To be honest, I wouldn’t consider as that but it will improve your overall fitness and also work your lower body. It can be great for working your leg and calf muscles. If you were to walk up on a hill, this can also work your glutes. Walking is an aerobic exercise and as I said, it’ll improve your overall fitness while also strengthening the legs and the lower body in general. A lot of cardio exercises can have a lot of impact, which can ultimately lead to an injury. The good thing is that walking is considered to be the opposite so wouldn’t cause any injuries or damage to joints and bones.

Walking can be a very effective form of exercise if done properly.

The best thing about walking is that you can literally do it anywhere. You don’t any special equipment or a visit to the gym. You can just put your walking shoes on and head out your front door. If the weathers bad, you can even walk at home. I think we should all do a little bit of walking everyday because these days, we don’t do much of this. It’ll certainly be good for our overall health.

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